All Natural Poultry

Dostall Farms All-Natural Grass and Grain Fed PoultryThe poultry side of Dostall Farms may be a little different, but our commitment to quality is not. Our goals are still the same, quality meat breed chickens, fed a nutritional diet, in a humane stress free environment. Because of the short feed time of all chickens, they are usually finished in ten to twelve weeks, we work completely off of customer demand.

Lets look at the entire process:

  1. When costumer orders total 50 or more we will purchase the chicks from a local hatchery.
  2. We feed chicks a diet that meets all their nutritional needs, without any use of steroids, or hormones.
  3. Sometime between ten to twelve weeks, depending on the breed, the chickens are ready for processing.
  4. Customer pays $14.00 a bird, and they will pre pay so we can pay the processor when we pick them up.
  5. We use a certified resale processor and all the chickens are processed either whole or as half chickens.
  6. Chickens are frozen and ready for pick up at Dostall Farms at a pre-determined date and time.
  7. Enjoy your farm fresh meat chickens from Dostall Farms

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