How to Order

  • At Dostall Farms, we only process orders once enough orders have been received for the entire animal.
  • All prices are calculated from the hang weight (what is hang weight?).


  • 1 cow processed into 4 quarters
  • If hang weight = 700 lbs, and price per is $2.79, the total order for the entire cow would be $1,993.00, or $498.25 per quarter (700 lbs. x $2.79 = $1,953.00 plus a $40.00 process fee = $1,993.00).

The Ordering Process

Here are the simple steps for ordering livestock from Dostall Farms:

  1. Fill out our online ordering form and make required deposit.
  2. We will call you to confirm all details and answer any of your questions.
  3. When we schedule your livestock for processing, we will contact you with Processing Date, Final Payment Due Date and your Pickup Date:
    1. Processing Date: We take our animals in for processing on Mondays. The following day, we will notify you of the final hanging weight and total amount due on the Final Payment Date. From Processing Date until your order is available for pickup is 12 days. 
    2. Final Payment Date: final payment in full is due on the Monday before your Pickup Date (1 week after Processing Date). Please see our Deposit and Payment Schedule Policy for more details. 
    3. Pickup Date: All pickups are on Saturday mornings, 12 days after Processing Date.

Pork order form

Deposit and Payment Schedule Policy



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